Let’s sign and stop the multinational corporation, Terna, from yet another project highly detrimental to the environment and the economy.


To the Alderman of the Environment of the Region of Tuscany and the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea 

Where as:    


        Article 9 of the Constitution states: “The Republic…. protects the countryside and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation.”

        the new 380 KV power lines along side the 132 KV lines, with 50 meter-high pylons from Cavriglia to Monte San Savino would permanently damage the particularly beautiful landscape of forests and hills, public health and the local economy.

        the public and the local authorities have not been given sufficient information to allow a shared assessment.

        Terna’s project is national in scope and not local, and thus is not at all related to the real and long term energy needs of the area, which instead has based its economy more and more on enhancing the value of its environmental resources and its landscape.

        the route in question encompasses forest-covered hills and farmland where there are currently no high-impact infrastructures present.


The petitioners point out:


        that the need to build the new power line has not been sufficiently demonstrated.

        that the chosen route is 20 km longer than needed and that it will have a disastrous impact on the local landscape, environment, health and economy.

        that Terna and the local authorities have not informed the public sufficiently about this project, which will have grave consequences for the future of the area.

        that Terna, despite negative opinions and criticisms from the State Forestry Department, the Provinces of Arezzo and Siena, the City Council of Montevarchi and despite requests for justifications and additional information by the Region of Tuscany, insists on keeping the originally proposed route with minor changes, which do not reduce the impact on and damage to the landscape, public health and the local economies.


The petitioners request:

        that the whole project of streamlining Arezzo’s power supply be reexamined

        that a public inquiry for consultation on the project be opened, pursuant to art. 24 of Law 152/2006.

        that a consultative referendum, as provide by municipal regulations, be organized from the councils of the affected municipalities.

        that the councils of the municipalities verify the compatibility of the design and construction of the long-distance power line with (i) the prevailing territorial governance tools: municipal (structural plans and zoning laws), provincial (Provincial Land Coordination Plan), and regional (Land Direction Plan) and (ii) the environmental protection policy which created the content of the aforementioned tools.   

        that the project presented by the multinational corporation, TERNA, including the additions from March 28, 2011, be rejected and that a true streamlining of the long-distance power lines in Arezzo be achieved through the renovation of existing lines (option zero), which have already been in the area for more than forty years, and through the laying of underground cables in critical areas.



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L’ambiente, con tutte le sue peculiarità naturali ed umane non può sopportare di essere sempre sacrificato in nome di un rinnovo tecnologico che non si dimostri indispensabile e che risulti inutilmente dispendioso. “ 


The environment, with all it’s natural and man made features, cannot withstand the increasing threat from technological advances that do not prove to be indispensible and are unnecessarily costly..