High Tension Committee - Comitato alta Tensione 


Terna is the national operator for  power distribution in Italy. In their 2009 Energy Development Plan  they provided for the rationalization of the RTN (Italian  National Grid) in the province of Arezzo in Tuscany. Involving the demolition of the existing lines and their replacement in the same place with lines that would raise the power from 220 to 380 kV. In 2010, Terna presented to the Tuscan Region, comprising the provinces of Arezzo and Siena, a project with the same rationalization, but with a completely different path. Instead of a straight line it follows a circuitous route between Monte San Savino and Cavriglia - S. Barbara and with a new switching station of four lines on the planes of Monte San Savino the Val di Chiana.

The route involves, for the most part, hills and protected woodland of great natural beauty devoid of any intruding roads.

The information circulated on this significant project consisted of the minimum legal requirement and the local authorities expressed their opinions without any public consultation.  

A few local residents and the Association for the Val d’ Ambra got to know about it.

Following this action and after examining the various opinions expressed by local authorities, and   the Tuscan Regional Government’s findings¹ as part of the  process of the VIA ( Environmental Impact Assessment) a group of concerned individuals decided to form a committee to oppose this plan in its present form and so the Comitato alta Tensione - High Tension Committee came into being.

 The first public assemby was held on the 6 February 2011 in Ambra, Val d’Ambra, representatives of the company Terna and the local council as well as many interested and alarmed local residents took part. At the conclusion of a very spirited meeting over 100 people had signed up to the committee.



¹This opinion requires Terna to clarify numerous aspects of the project while also suggesting modifications including an option zero. i.e. to do nothing


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L’ambiente, con tutte le sue peculiarità naturali ed umane non può sopportare di essere sempre sacrificato in nome di un rinnovo tecnologico che non si dimostri indispensabile e che risulti inutilmente dispendioso. “ 


The environment, with all it’s natural and man made features, cannot withstand the increasing threat from technological advances that do not prove to be indispensible and are unnecessarily costly..